Amana Brand

Saving on utility bills with uncomplicated appliances is just part of what makes Amana brand the brand for homes. 

Value-Driven, Quality Basics and Ease of Use

The evolution of the Amana brand is a story that began in 1934. Innovative from the start, Amana brand produced industry firsts like the side-by-side refrigerator in 1949, the bottom freezer refrigerator in 1957 and the Radarange® microwave oven in 1967. Product introductions such as these rocked the home appliance market and cemented the brand's strength as a household name and symbol of quality. 

Today, Amana brand employs that history of innovation and strong brand equity to provide appliances that help our clients' customers smoothly handle their daily household tasks. Amana® appliances are built with two objectives in mind: Provide end users with valuable products they can depend on every day, and help our building ​customers ​provide the simplicity in appliance technology their homeowners demand.

Delivering Essential Design and Value

Amana brand provides appliances that slide painlessly into daily life, with easy-to-use features, essential design and affordable prices. Amana® appliances are created for the end users who have the desire to find simple solutions at an affordable price. Paying for quality appliances is fine, but spending extra money on the latest bells and whistles isn’t what they want. To meet these needs, Amana brand appliances provide uncomplicated assistance with everyday household tasks and still look great in the home.

Providing your customers with valuable appliances means that we focus on what consumers actually need and want. Backed by leading design, energy efficiency and after-purchase savings, Amana brand appliances provide multifamily homebuilders, remodelers, designers, contractors and specifiers with an industry advantage. Whether our clients’ customers are looking for cleaning, cooking, refrigeration or HVAC solutions, they can expect quality products made here in the United States. 

The Amana Brand Lifestyle

Amana brand end users generally value simplicity in appliance technology. They enjoy spending family time outdoors and typically are less engaged with in-home activities. Homeowners suited for Amana brand appliances generally do not put a high priority on the latest trends or fashions in their homes and have little interest in appliance appearance. They simply view their home as personal space that they don’t need to showcase. In terms of their attitudes toward the kitchen, they pay particular attention to value and prefer brands that they consider to be competitively priced.