Maytag Brand

He's reliable, strong, good-looking and willing to do the dishes. When it comes to dependability, this man's a machine.

Durability, Reliability and Power

For more than a century, Maytag brand appliances have been synonymous with hardworking American dependability. From the crustiest plates to the filthiest laundry stains, Maytag brand handles the toughest jobs. And for added peace of mind, Maytag brand offers homebuyers a 10-year limited parts warranty on every new appliance they make.

Maytag brand takes great care selecting appliance parts and designing the look and feel of each appliance because we know that, just like the houses you design, build and remodel, the little things add up to a lot. Luckily for the contract channel, Maytag brand has your back. Our attention to detail means builders can offer new homeowners laundry and kitchen appliances designed, engineered and assembled in America that are as dependable and durable as the houses they go into.

The Maytag Brand Difference

The Maytag brand name, known for quality and dependability, will get your clients interested; but it's the everyday Maytag brand performance that will make them love the kitchens and laundry rooms you build.


The Maytag Brand Lifestyle

Maytag brand homeowners count on the durability of their appliances to keep their homes running smoothly. They pride themselves on maintaining a level of consistency and control in their lives. Maytag brand homeowners look for products they can trust to do what is expected, and believe quality products are built with high quality materials that last. They generally appreciate a simple life and don’t generally worry about keeping up with the latest trends, décor or technology. Cooking and laundry are considered chores they would prefer to outsource, if possible. However, conscious of their financial responsibility, Maytag brand homeowners would not place having help around the house or purchasing the latest technology high on their priority lists. When it comes to appliances, these homeowners want something that works well and has a good service policy if something goes wrong.